You’re beautiful & your website should be too

Web Development

Research and Insight
At Dainty, we believe your website is your biggest digital asset. We follow carefully our principles and processors to build your website exactly how you envision it.
  • We learn - listening and understanding your brand, your vision and your ideas.
  • We plan - mapping out ideas and thoughts onto a wireframe
  • We research - making sure we have the latest technology and framework that is best suited for your website needs.
  • We build - where things start coming to life
UI/UX Design
With the team at Dainty, we have world class designers and developers that will work hand in hand with the scrum master to develop the most marketable and user friendly website. Sometimes the best is stepping away professionally and looking in the perspective of a user. Extensive revision will be utilised to make sure we have a product that has perfect persona & branding definition, user experience flow and site-mapping.

The user interface mantra we go off by is “a UI is like a joke, if you have to explain it, it's not good”. Beautifully designed, simple solutions that make sense.
We understand that for this process to go smoothly, communication is paramount. Throughout the journey of development, we will test, demo, get your thoughts, build, test and repeat. We want you to be as involved as much as our development team is to ensure the product you paid for exceeds your expectations. We work with all major open source CMS, eCom platforms and web application framework. You choose, we do.
Our main objective is to hand you a MVP (minimal viable product) as fast as we can so you can deploy your business. This stage does not end our relationship there, we have ongoing meetings and discussions with you to make sure your digital asset is constantly evolving with the fast pace of technology. We want you to have the best possible product and are more than happy to make any changes to your design.